6.6 Proprietary Identifiers

Identifiers are essential for accurate data exchange. Therefore, the RIN standard supports a range of identifiers for different entities. Examples include, ISRCs for sound recordings, ISWCs for musical works and ISNIs for parties such as writers, recording artists and sound engineers.

However, many such entities are also identified by proprietary identifiers. These identifiers can also be included in a RIN message and are expressed in two parts:

  1. The identifier of the party that is responsible for allocating the proprietary identifier, known as the party’s “namespace” identifier. If a party allocating a proprietary identifier has been allocated a DDEX party identifer (DPID), then the Namespace element should contain that DPID.
    In the absence of a DPID, the RIN message shall use a mnemonically sensible string to identify the party allocating the proprietary identifier; and

  2. The proprietary identifier itself.

Below are two examples of this:

<ProprietaryId Namespace="PADPIDA1234567890">PropId</ProprietaryId>

<ProprietaryId Namespace="CompanyX">PropId</ProprietaryId>