6.2 Granularity of RIN Messages

Each RIN message may provide data about one or more “deliverable(s)”. Such deliverables may exist as part of a recording project.

For each such deliverable, data about a set of recording components relevant to that deliverable should be provided in the RIN message. Each such set of recordings, in turn, shall only embody all or part of the same work (usually a musical work) or set of works.

In addition, with regard to data about the set of recordings, the RIN message should include data about the work and/or one or more finalised sound recordings and/or data about all parties involved in the creation of the set of recordings.

Some senders or receivers of RIN messages may however only be able to or only wish to, process such messages when they contain data about exactly one deliverable. Senders and recipients of RIN messages are therefore advised to communicate with each other about whether their respective implementations are subject to this limitation or not.