6.1 Introduction

The hierarchical structure of the message format is identified through indentation in the tabular rendering of the message. This tabular description of the messages should always be read in conjunction with the XML Schema files. In addition to the tabular description of the message, additional conformance rules, which go beyond XML Schema validation, are provided where necessary. The general conformance rules for all messages created in accordance with the RIN standard are provided in Clause 6.3.

Specific business processes between a sender and a recipient of RIN messages may require further conformance rules. These are, however, not part of the standard and will need to be agreed between business partners. Rules relating to the authority of unilaterally changes to the standard in this way by business partners are set out in the current version of the Procedure for the Development and Maintenance of DDEX Standards which forms part of the overall governance of the DDEX standards. This document also explains how such changes to the standard can be included in future versions of the RIN standard, should business partners wish that to be the case.

The syntax as well as the semantics of the various elements in the messages is provided in the XSDs provided alongsiode this document. They are defined through, and maintained in accordance with, the DDEX Data Dictionary standard.