5.1 Overall Choreography

The figure below depicts the choreography defined by this standard. 

Figure 1 – Overall RIN choreography

The table below summarises the points in the Recording Information Notification Choreography that a message is sent. 

Message Name

Initiating Event





After a session of creating music, which may include making recordings as well as writing, data about the session, the music created and the parties involved is entered into a system that collates the relevant data.

If such data is required as input to a subsequent session(s), a RIN message is sent to the RIN processor used at that subsequent session(s).

Studio RIN Processor

Studio RIN Processor


Based on contractual obligations, the RIN processor used at the session will send a RIN message to the initial producer.

Such communication can also be supported by agents for the RIN processor and/or the initial producer.

Initial producer (or other party interested in receiving such data)


The exchange of the information in these messages can be effected by two different message exchange protocols: SFTP and Web Services. Details on these are defined in Clauses 5.2 and 5.3 respectively.